DIY Chandelier Cord Cover

Using ONLY fabric, scissors, ribbon and clothespins... I made a great looking cover for my chandelier chain.  I can't believe how fast, easy and effective it was to complete!

The "brass" chain on my chandelier just wasn't doing it for me anymore.  So I set out to make a fabric chandelier cord cover.  I was prepared to use all sorts of supplies... sewing machine, velcro, elastic, buttons but since I basically am eager to get on with it (translate lazy?) I discovered a super easy way to make my chandelier pretty in about 10 minutes.  Actually the hardest part was moving the table and finding a stool high enough for me to reach.

  • I cut my fabric 10" wide and about 50" long.  
  • Fold and finger press the top short edge about 1-2". 
  • Do the same for the 2 long edges.  
  • Starting at the top, wrap the fabric around the chain with the edges overlapping and secure with a clothespin.  
  • Keep wrapping your way down securing with clothespins.  
  • Tie a bow close to the top and arrange the fabric so it covers the very top of the chain.  
  • Work your way down tying bows incrementally to your liking.  In between the ties, 'scrunch' the fabric to create the amount of fullness you like. 
  • When you get to the bottom, trim away any excess length leaving another 1-2" for 'hem'.
  • Fold the raw edge under and make your final tie.  

Don't have clothespins??  Try bag clips, hair clips, even twist ties.

That's it!  Easy peazy - and oh so cute!

And by the way...  I really amused myself in the process by 'storing' all my supplies on the hooks of the chandelier.