Keepsake Party Hat for Baby’s First Birthday

Make an party hat!

1.  Use paper to make a cone shape pattern template in the size you want. 
2.  I chose white satin for the background.  Use your template to cut the fabric.  
3.  Embroider the Birthday Boy or Girl’s name and “1st Birthday". (see tutorial)
4.  Add any other ribbon, trim, buttons or other decorations.
5.  Stitch up the seam in the back and finish off the raw edges.
6.  Add a piece of elastic to go under the chin.
7.  Stuff the hat with polyfill batting or tissue paper to give it stability.

When I made my first hat I used plastic needlepoint canvas inside to support the hat.  Then I tried using cardboard.  Ultimately, I found that it really doesn’t need anything other than the polyfill or tissue stuffing.

Picking the trim is the most fun!  I loved being able to use the small scraps and odds and ends that have been collecting in my craft room. 

CLICK HERE for a tutorial on how to embroider without marking on your fabric.