Raggedy Ribbon Wreath

Make a super cute wreath in a jiffy with ribbons, some fabric and a coat hanger.

Odds and ends of fabric and ribbons I had in my stash inspired me to whip up this cute wreath.

Here's how you can do it...

Bend a wire coat hanger into a square or round it out if you prefer. Use plyers to bend the hook into a loop.  Take care to squeeze the points so you won't poke yourself.

For that raggedy look, rip (don't cut) fabric into strips 1-2" wide by about 8-10" long.  

Cut your ribbons about the same length.

Now start tying the strips on to the wire hanger.  A single tie will do.  For variety, tie some in bows. 

Vary the fabric strips with the ribbons and adjust as your wreath becomes full.  It is fun because as you work, you can slide the pieces apart to add different colors or textures until you find the combination you like.

Since my fabric is so much lighter on the wrong side, I cut my strips 2" then folded the strips in half lengthwise before tying.

Keep tying and adjusting until your wreath has the look you want.  

After my ties were the way I wanted them,  I still wanted a little more pink in my wreath.  So I added these sweet little wired rosebuds.  

Now... step back and admire than go hang it on your door!!!