Make a Cute Fish Pincushion

Put this on your craft to do list!  Make a felt pincushion that is a cute little fish.  This one is cute enough for Mom but also manly enough for a Father’s Day craft project. 

I found this tired and sad little fishy swimming around in Grandfather’s sewing basket.  I’m guessing he is about 60 or 70 years old.  Definitely needs to be retired since his innards are coming out.  So I found some felt and a few ribbon bits, dug out the pinking shears and started on a whole school of little fishies. 

Here’s how:
1.  Draw, then cut out a fish shape on paper.  Mine is about 6” long.

2.  Cut 3 identically sized felt pieces.  If you use a contrasting color for the bottom piece it makes a nice effect for the tail.

3.  On the two sides that will be the top of the fishes body, use pinking shears to give a jagged effect.

4.  By hand or machine with wrong sides together sew the pieces together to form the body.  Use a 1/8” seam allowance that will protrude and give him some dimension. 

5.  Leave the third side partially open so you can push in some stuffing.  I like Polyfill.  Stuff it rather tightly so that the pins will stay put.

6.  Before you stitch up the remaining bit, use some sparkly embroidery floss to make eyes.  I like to use a French knot but use your imagination and see what happens.

7.  Finish stitching the body. 

8.  Take a bit of ribbon (about 5-6” will do) and tie tightly so that the tail fans out.