4 Steps to Make a Pretty Ironing Board Cover

Dress up your craft room with an attractive cover for your ironing board. Sew a casing around a length of your pretty home decor fabric.  Add a drawstring.  Now you have crafted a beautiful ironing board cover.

1.  Measure your ironing board.  Cut fabric into rectangle 8.5” wider and 10” longer than your board.  Taper slightly at one end to mimic the shaped end of ironing board.

2.  Press raw edge under 1/4” all the way around.  Fold again 1/2”.  Leaving 1” open at center of short square end.  Stitch down to form casing.

3. Using large safety pin, feed string through casing.

4.  Pull to distribute loose but even gathers.

Position on top of ironing board.  Tighten gathers.  Secure loose ends by simply tying into a bow.

Materials List:
1 3/4 yard heavy 100% cotton fabric
3 yards cotton string

It makes your ironing so much more fun!

Tips and Tricks
For extra cushioning, this pretty new cover can be placed right over your existing pad.

A tabletop ironing board cover is the perfect choice for your craft area.  It is smaller and easy to store.  Just adjust the dimensions to make the cover.

I love my Rowenta 1500 Watt Steam Iron.  Next to my sewing machine, it is the workhorse of my craft room.