Fleece Hanger Covers

I have a hang up….   Hahaha….  I am talking about hanging up clothes!  I like to use the basic plastic hangers with a swivel top and notches for straps.  My ‘hang up’ is that some garments with wide necklines or slippery fabrics slip off the hanger and I end up with a mess.  Sometimes I have hangers with a thin foam cover.  This will hold the garment securely but that foam gets nasty very quickly and it doesn’t stay on very well either.
Fleece to the rescue!  With only 1 1/3 yd of fleece and some ribbon, I made 20 hanger covers in about 45 minutes!  I am DELIGHTED with the results!  This is an easy, practical and attractive solution.  

Here’s how.  Cut your fleece into rectangles about 6” x 24”.  If you use your Olfa Rotary Cutter, the job will go very quickly and you can enhance it with a scalloped edge.

Find the center of your rectangle by folding it lengthwise then widthwise.  At the resulting corner, cut a small square.

Now just slip the hanger through the small square you just cut.  Fold the fleece over the hanger and tie your ribbon where the hanger’s notches are with the bow on the underside.

Now go hang up your wide neck, slippery top and give it a test drive!

If you have some scraps of fleece ‘hanging’ around…. Give it a try.  If you want to do a bunch, I’ll do the math for you.

Typically, fleece is 58”-60” wide.  If you buy 1 1/3 yd (48”) cut it as shown in the chart.
You will need about 12”-15” ribbon for each tie, so 24”-30” for one hanger.  I like to use ¼” satin ribbon but you could also use embroidery floss, string, or even curling ribbon.  So you will need 13-17 yards ribbon.

If you prefer the tubular style hangers, the same method will work, just tie the ribbon tightly so it won’t slip.