Upcycle Ice Cream Cartons into Cute Containers

I don’t know how I could possibly have missed this one but I JUST discovered Mod Podge!  Why did I not know the joys of this fabulous substance until now?  After all it has been around since 1967.  In case I am not the only one in the crafting universe that didn’t know, I’ll explain the basics.  Mod Podge is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish.  It is waterbased, easy to clean up and works on a variety of surfaces.  You can select from several formulas for the look you want; matte, gloss, outdoor, and more, it even comes in glow in the dark!

For my first Mod Podge project, I turned ice cream cartons into adorable containers.  At first I was really excited that I HAD to eat the entire container of ice cream!  But once I started spreading on the Mod Podge I knew that my crafting life would have lots of new possibilities. 

Here is how my ice cream container project evolved.  A few years ago, my very clever and crafty sister gave me a present “wrapped” in this adorable cowboy container.  It actually took me a little while to figure out that it had started life as an ice cream container. But the little ones and I have enjoyed keeping our collection of finger puppets in it and it has held up well.

I had some wallpaper leftovers that I’ve been hanging on to – not enough for any walls but definitely too cute to not use somehow.  I was having some ice cream cravings and that’s how good ideas get started!

1.  Eat the ENTIRE container of ice cream.  Wash it thoroughly and allow to dry.
2.  Cut the paper to fit around the body of the carton with about 1” of overlap where it meets.  Outline the lid on the paper and cut the circle.
3.  Use a craft brush to spread the Mod Podge on the back of the paper.  Starting at the seam of the carton, wrap it around, smoothing as you go.  Be sure to push the paper up and under the lip around the top of the carton.
4. It is okay if it overlaps a bit, so trim the seam so that your pattern is attractive. 
5.  The lid needs a little more finessing.  You will want to trim your circle so that it will tuck under the lid without the cut edge showing.

If you’re not happy with the results the first time… eat some more ice cream and start over.  Not too bad a plan!

Tips and Tricks
I like the brand of ice cream that has cute strips on the sides of the lid, but you could use ribbon or trim to cover this part as well.

I tried papering the bottom of the container.  I glued a circle on the bottom.  Then cut the body about 1/4” longer, scored the 1/4” and it wrapped under nicely.  But in the end it was more difficult and I found it really didn’t matter.

I do like the trim I used on the bottom edge.  Cut a length of grosgrain ribbon and rickrack and glue it with the Mod Podge.  Just be sure to let the paper on the body of the carton dry thoroughly before you apply the trim.

The wallpaper scraps worked perfectly but you could also use fabric or heavy wrapping paper.  Just be sure it is heavy enough or dark enough that the ice cream graphics don’t show through.

If you are new to Mod Podge, as I am, just go ahead and buy the big gallon container.  You will find lots of things to use it for!

I found lots of good advice and information from Amy at Mod Podge Rocks.

A cute, fun, inexpensive and functional craft project!  What more could you ask for? Actually... I would like to ask YOU a question.  What is your favorite craft use for Mod Podge?