DIY Chandelier Cord Cover

Using ONLY fabric, scissors, ribbon and clothespins... I made a great looking cover for my chandelier chain.  I can't believe how fast, easy and effective it was to complete!

The "brass" chain on my chandelier just wasn't doing it for me anymore.  So I set out to make a fabric chandelier cord cover.  I was prepared to use all sorts of supplies... sewing machine, velcro, elastic, buttons but since I basically am eager to get on with it (translate lazy?) I discovered a super easy way to make my chandelier pretty in about 10 minutes.  Actually the hardest part was moving the table and finding a stool high enough for me to reach.

  • I cut my fabric 10" wide and about 50" long.  
  • Fold and finger press the top short edge about 1-2". 
  • Do the same for the 2 long edges.  
  • Starting at the top, wrap the fabric around the chain with the edges overlapping and secure with a clothespin.  
  • Keep wrapping your way down securing with clothespins.  
  • Tie a bow close to the top and arrange the fabric so it covers the very top of the chain.  
  • Work your way down tying bows incrementally to your liking.  In between the ties, 'scrunch' the fabric to create the amount of fullness you like. 
  • When you get to the bottom, trim away any excess length leaving another 1-2" for 'hem'.
  • Fold the raw edge under and make your final tie.  

Don't have clothespins??  Try bag clips, hair clips, even twist ties.

That's it!  Easy peazy - and oh so cute!

And by the way...  I really amused myself in the process by 'storing' all my supplies on the hooks of the chandelier.


Sewing Machine Centerpiece?

Why Not???
Just because company is coming (or even if it is just dinner time).... no need to pack away your sewing machine.  Just turn it into a centerpiece!  Why not?


Cover Your Retro Chair Step Stool

Two New Looks for Your Retro Chair Step Stool

Do you have a retro chair step stool?  Give it a vintage make-over with a little fabric and trim.  Or for a dressier alternative, upcycle a Thrift Shop sweater and a scarf!

Grandma’s chair step stool works well and is so practical but not too pretty.  So I made a little slipcover for it that can be easily whipped off and tossed in the laundry. 
Give it a try….