One Thrift Shop Sweater – Three Decor Ideas

That’s right!  THREE home décor projects made from one sweater.  Storage cube, a lamp and a vase, all dressed up with a fun and easy DIY project.  When I picked up this sweater in a Thrift Shop, my sister said, “Why in the world do you want THAT?”  I smiled at her and said I wasn’t sure but I have a few home décor projects in mind.  She was NOT optimistic but she has now changed her mind.  Not to mention that she thinks I’m really clever. 

The first project evolved into a storage cube!  It could have also been an ottoman or an end table.  But the storage cube was just the right project for my sweater.  A cardboard moving box inspired me; it was just sitting there next to the sweater and I tried it on.  Just slipped the sweater over the box with the finished bottom edge just touching the bottom of the box.  My intention was to use it as an open box and line it with a woven fabric.  But I got distracted and let it sit for a few days.  That’s when I saw storage cubes on sale at Target, a rather nice microfiber for only $15. I brought it home and got to work.  (That is really an exaggeration since it was hardly ANY work at all!)
• Cut off the sleeves.
  Stretch the sweater over the box with the bottom hem of the sweater just at the bottom edge of the cube.  Line the seams up with the corners of the box.  That way they won’t show too much.
  Fold the neck edge into the inside.  This is where you will need to fiddle with it a bit based on the size and stretchiness of the sweater. 
• You will need to make some judgments here as to where to cut off the neck edge.  I found I needed to do just a little hand sewing to finish off the armhole edges. It was really very simple to do.
• Finally I turned the raw neck edge under and secured it with small tacking stitches.

Since the inside of the cube was finished, it worked out perfectly.  If you are using a cardboard box (or an unattractive inner box), consider sewing (or glueing) some lining fabric to fit around the interior of the box.  You could also use ribbon to decorate and finish off the raw edge.  Just glue or sew it on.

Well… now I had these sleeves left over.  So my next DIY design idea was to cover a lamp.  I had made a “sweater lamp” for my office a bit ago and I’ve been so happy with it that I decided to make another lamp with a totally different look.

With the next sleeve, I dressed up a plain glass vase and added some sparkly vines.  Check my blog "Make a Flower Vase Cozy from a Sweater Sleeve".  I had a lot of fun with these DIY home decor projects. I hope you have fun too!