Choose the Right Pair of Scissors

Good quality craft tools are an investment in good quality crafts!  But that’s not all they are… they are an investment in the pleasure you derive from your creativity.  Choose your tools wisely, take proper care of them and store them appropriately.  Good quality, well chosen tools can last a lifetime!  Some of my favorite tools have served me well through decades of crafting and sewing.

Choosing the right pair of scissors for a task is important – but first you have to own the right pair of scissors.  Actually, you need a whole wardrobe of scissors.  I have 5 favorites…

My pride and joy scissors have been my steady companion for longer than many of you have been alive!  WOW!  I guess I am that old!  I recall gulping a bit at the price I paid for them but little did I know then how valuable they would be over my years of crafting and sewing.  These babies can slice through THIRTY layers of fabric with ease!  My Singer Kut-Nit Shears are now considered “Vintage” and unfortunately are not made any more, so if you come across them at a yard sale or thrift shop, scoop them up.

The good news is that modern technology and materials have come together to provide some very nice choices in clean cutting, light weight, ergonomically correct shears.  

Even better news is that you can get an excellent pair of heavy duty shears like the WestcottExtremEdge at reasonable prices.  My favorite place to shop for the best selections at the best prices is Amazon.com.

I couldn’t be without my basic 8” Fiskars!  They are a great all purpose scissor.  Comfortable in the hand, well aligned, sharp, great for paper and single layers of fabrics and a multitude of craft projects.  

Also from Fiskars are my small 4” detail scissors.  Perfect for tight jobs and snipping.  Like the 8” Fiskars, these scissors have a long lasting quality for a very reasonable price.

I would probably cry if something happened to my Slip-N-Snip Folding SafetyScissors.  I LOVE these!  They have a very nice sharp edge, great point and best of all, when they are folded up, very safe and secure.  I really should wear these on a ribbon around my neck for as much as I use them.  I can toss them in my knitting bag, my cosmetic case, purse and more knowing that I will have an excellent pair of scissors with no worries about any “incidents”.  

Perhaps my most favorite (and remarkably my least used) scissors are my stork scissors.  They are just so CUTE!  They actually have a nice sharp point and work very well.  They are a joy to own and admire. 

As you can see, most of my scissors have been my constant companions for many years.  If you buy good equipment, use them for the correct purpose and take good care of them they will serve you well through years of crafting and stitching.

Where can you find the best scissors for the best prices?  I am a big fan of Amazon.com.  The prices are very competitive, they have a good reputation, and you don’t even have to leave your craft room – well I guess you will have to get to the front door to pick up the package. Ha Ha!  If you want them TODAY try your local fabric store or Jo-Ann is a good choice.  They have a nice selection, fair prices and if you have a coupon so much the better.  Another resource is Ebay and Craigs List.  I have seen some great prices on the Vintage Singer Kut-Nit on Ebay, so check that out.

If you aren’t lucky enough to score a pair of Kut-Nits, I suggest you try WestcottExtremEdge Adjustable Tension Titanium Bonded 9” scissors.  They have many good features and will cut through multiple layers of fabrics – even tough fabrics.

Keep your scissors in great condition…
1. Use fabric scissors ONLY for fabric!!!  NO PAPER.  This is probably my strongest admonition!
2.  Keep your scissors clean.  Wipe off glue, lint, dirt and any other crafting residue that may try to cling to your tools.
3.  Keep the blades closed when not using them.
4.  Whenever possible, store your scissors in a sheath.
5.  Be sure your household is well stocked with multi-purpose scissors so you and your family members will not be tempted to use the “good” scissors for a “not so good” task.