Fabulous Fabric Yo Yos

It’s simple!  It’s easy!  Learn how to make a fabric yo yo.  To start this craft hand sew a simple running stitch around the edge of a fabric circle.  Pull thread to gather.  Now you have crafted an adorable fabric yo yo. 

1.  How big do you want your yo yo?  Cut a fabric circle twice the diameter plus 1/4” of desired finished yo yo.  For a 1” diameter finished yo yo, cut a 2 1/4” circle.

2. Thread needle with single strand of all-purpose thread.  Knot end.

3.  Holding fabric with wrong side up and folding edge in 1/8” as you go, make long running stitches around edge near fold.  Start with needle going from top to bottom. 

4.  When you reach the starting place, make one more stitch ending with the needle on top (the wrong side).

5.  Here comes the really fun part:  Pull gently to gather until tight all around.   End off, hiding your knot.  Your fabric yo yo is finished.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use round coasters, bowls, plates, etc. as patterns to trace circle shapes on to fabric before cutting.
  • Use a cotton fabric for your first project, as it is easiest to handle.
  • For very large yo yos, fold edge 1/2”.

  • Add a pompom or a button in the center of the yo yo.
  • Branch out to other fabrics such as taffeta, organza, silk, lightweight wool.
  • Use your yo yos to embellish clothing, accessories and linens. 
  • Place a small yo yo upside down atop a larger one for a “rosette” effect.

I love my fancy fabric yo yos.  They are fun and easy. 
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