Fleece Jewelry

I love working with fleece.  I’ve been making fleece blankets, fleece scarves and I’m working on an idea for a fleece jacket.  I had some leftover pieces of red fleece and I was fooling around with the sewing machine and look what I came up with!  A fleece brooch!  This one is perfect for the Christmas season but will work year round as well.  I found this vintage button in my Grandmother’s button box and I love the way it finishes my brooch.

• Stack two 4” squares of fleece.
• Use a straight stitch to sew a spiral beginning at the center.  Toward the outer edge, leave enough fleece unstitched so you can trim it into a circle and create a fringe. I like my spiral to be uneven and a bit wiggly. 
• Trim your piece into a circle.
• Fringe the edges.
• Sew a special button in the center.
• Attach a pin back. (A safety pin will work too)
• Fluff the fringed edges

Tips, Tricks and Variations
• Use heavy thread, like hand quilting thread, for a stronger looking stitch.
• Position the pinback at the top rather than in the center.  (In the center position it will likely flop over.)
• Accent your brooch with a colorful print yoyo instead of a button.
• Instead of a pin, sew it to a headband or a purse.