Organize Spools of Ribbon in a Hurricane Globe

It's so easy to see everything.
Last month I organized all of my bits of ribbons on foam core.  That is working out so well.  I love it!  But I still had ribbons on spools that really had too much yardage to take off and wrap on the foam core.  I had tried using a dowel system but that wasn’t really working for me.  They seem to unroll too easily and also, I like to be able to just grab a spool and take it to my project, which is sometimes in another room.

Since I really like to SEE all my pretty supplies, I came up with this system.  SIMPLE!  I stacked them all inside a hurricane globe. 
They are neat and organized, protected from dust, very easy to get to and best of all… I can see them all and they are so pretty!

The relatively small size of the stack makes it manageable.  If I need a spool from the middle or even the bottom, I simply lift off the hurricane globe, the stack remains stable and I can grab the spool I need without the stack toppling over or unwinding. 

A couple of notes however….  Be sure you select a hurricane globe that is wide enough for the spools.  Also, if you slip a plate under the entire thing, it gives it even more stability when you lift off the globe.