This Pillow Used To Be A Sweater

Wanted this Pottery Barn pillow

Found this sweater at a Thrift Store
Created this in about an hour
When I saw this pillow at Pottery Barn for lots of $$$$$ I knew what needed to be done!  The next stop was the Thrift Store where I scored the perfect sweater for $3.76.  I've never cut a sweater apart before so I was a little uncertain what to expect.  I laid the sweater out flat (inside out with right sides together) then stitched three sides of my pillow to size.  I cut the edges of the sweater and was pleasantly surprised that nothing started to unravel. Usually I stuff my own pillows but I had a pillow form on hand so I simply slipped it in then stitched up the bottom edge by hand.  Done! 

I used my sewing machine to stitch up the first three sides.  My machine is pretty sturdy but it was still laboring over the thicker bits of sweater.  When I broke a needle, I replaced it with a heavier duty one and that helped.  I did need to go very slowly and at times help the feed along.  Since this is a rather thick sweater, I think it would be just as efficient and effective to stitch it by hand. It was a fun and quick project so I will be off to the Thrift Store again soon for more fun sweaters to upcycle.