How to Make a Big Bow

A Great Big Bow is a grand decorating accessory.  A red bow on a Christmas wreath is classic but this Great Big Bow in red taffeta will be stunning.  It is so striking; it can hang alone on the front door.  These big bows are also perfect for pew bows or other wedding decorations.  Once you learn how to make a bow like this, you will want to use them in lots of your creative craft projects.

Cut three basic rectangles of fabric and lining.  Seam then tie.  Now you have crafted a fabulous bow!  Taffeta is my favorite fabric to use for these bows since it is lustrous and crisp.

3 yards fabric (at least 44" wide)
3 yards lining
2 lengths craft wire

Here’s How:
1. For streamers:
Cut taffeta into 2 rectangles each 12” x 108”
Cut lining into 1 rectangle 12” x 108”

2. For bow:
Cut lining into 1 rectangle 20” x 27”
Cut taffeta into 1 rectangle 20” x 55”

3.  Sew Streamers:
Layer and pin piece of lining, then 2 pieces taffeta on top of lining with taffeta facing right sides together.  Sew narrow seam around edges leaving 8” opening along center of one long side.  As you reach each end, angle the stitching to create long pointed tips.  Trim ends, turn and press.  This one long piece will make up the double streamer. Fig 1

4.  Sew Bow:
With right sides together, fold taffeta in half.  Along the 20” end, sew 2” of seam from top and bottom edges toward center. Use a 1/2” seam allowance.  Fig 2

Reposition sewn piece to lie flat with folded edges on each side and seam centered on top.  Place on top of lining piece.  Sew taffeta to lining with 1/2” seams along top and bottom edges. Fig 3

5.  Make a casing for wire out of one of the seam allowances by sewing raw edges closed.  Stitch very close to raw edges.  

6. Now place 2 pieces of wire on top of casing.  Position a tip from each piece near corners then twist wires together in the center so they are overlapping; wrap tightly with masking tape.  Insert into your casing. Turn bow right side out.

7.  Place on ironing board with open-ended seam facing up.  Close opening with a hand basting stitch.

8.  Flip bow on ironing board with front side up.  Pinch and pin 5 pleats down center front.  Baste loosely with double thread through all layers.  Fig 4

9.  Now comes the fun part!  Finish the bow with a single loose knot.  Fold streamers in half lengthwise over the top (wired) center of the bow.  On the back side tie a single loose knot.  Adjust so that the “smooth” vertical part of the knot is in front and the “bumpy” knotted side at the back.  Now fluff and arrange the wired edge and the streamers.

Tips and Tricks
Don’t worry about wire bending while manipulating bow.  You will adjust it later.

If you are displaying your bow on a wreath or rod, loop the streamer piece around both wreath and bow to secure in place.

Bow will look great using taffeta but you can also achieve a beautiful bow with dupioni silk, velveteen or a fun cotton print.

I love my fabulous large bows!