Mark Your Phone Charger with Washi Tape

Use Washi Tape to identify your chargers AND make them OH SO CUTE!!!  I think Washi is my new favorite craft supply.  My head is swimming with ideas.  So check back for more 'washi wonders' you can make.

It can really be frustrating when a bunch of people are all charging their devices at the same time.  You don't want to get stuck with someone else's slow or old charger.  Identify yours and decorate them in a jiffy with Washi tape.

Daisy Grey is my favorite resource for Washi Tape.  She carries so many pretty designs, you will want them all... well, may not ALL.  For great prices, outstanding customer service and the very BEST selection of Washi Tape as well as all sorts of "planner pretties" check out Daisy Grey's Etsy store.