Make a Pillow - From a Thrift Store Dress

This used to be a dress...

Inspiration - too $$$$

When I found this CUTE Chaps pillow that matches my bedding, I scooped it up.  Then I took a look at the price tag and put it back.  Off to the Thrift Shop I went in search of a similar blouse to upcycle.  I can easily make a comparable pillow at a fraction of the cost.  
I hit the jackpot when I found a black and white pin dot dress that buttoned up the front.  When I got it home, I stuffed a pillow form inside it just to see how might work.  I was feeling a tad lazy and didn’t want to put in much effort but I sure did want instant results.  So, I simply rolled up the neck edge, tucking in the sleeves and tied the corners with a cute little ribbon.  Then I did the same with the bottom edge.  Pretty cute!  A quick and easy NO SEW project.

First Try.  Rolled Up - No Sew Version.
After living with it for a couple of weeks, I wasn’t quite satisfied and I guess my energy and inspiration returned as well.  So I took it apart (that involved untying 4 ribbons ha ha!) and started over.
This time I used a smaller rectangular pillow form. I wanted to keep the little “pigtail” corners tied up with ribbon.  So I cut off the excess, made a narrow hem across both top and bottom edges; turned inside out and stitched the top and bottom together leaving about 4” open on each side.  It was easy to stuff the pillow in since the buttons opened.  Then I simply tied up the corners and my upcycled pillow was perfect!