Make a Serving Tray from a Picture Frame

Make a decorative serving tray from a thrift shop picture frame and a pair of drawer or cabinet pulls.


  • Picture frame with glass
  • 2 Handles – Drawer or cabinet pulls
  • Piece of wallpaper, wrapping paper or fabric to fit tray
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam core board
  • Glazier points
  • Knobs for feet (optional)
  • Strong glue (for feet) I prefer Aquarium glue
  • Spray primer (if needed)
  • Paint for frame (if needed)
Get Started:

  • Remove backings and glass from frame.   Find center on each short side of frame and mark spots for drilling holes for handles.  (Handles may be positioned on top or on sides of frame.)  Drill holes. 
  • Clean frame thoroughly.  If necessary or desired, paint the frame. I like to start with spray primer then spray or brush on paint in your choice of color. After paint has dried, attach handles.
  • Using the glass as a template, position, mark the edges and cut the paper/fabric to size.  Mark and cut the foam core board the same size.  Brush Mod Podge onto back of paper/fabric and adhere to foam core board.
  • Now comes the fun part.  Place glass into frame, then foam core board with paper.  If necessary, add another piece of foam core board to fill up frame.  Secure all around inside edges with glazier points.  Now flip over and admire!
  • To finish up, glue “feet” on bottom of frame at each corner using a strong glue. 

Tips, Tricks and Variations:
  • I like to cover entire bottom of tray by gluing on a stiff piece of canvas.  Cut notches at corners for feet.
  • Vary your look with feet made of marbles, river rocks, twigs with bark or corks.
  • Vary your tray top with print fabric, wrapping paper or a wonderful collage of ephemera.
  • If you are not so swift with power tools, omit the handles.  Just embellish with “feet”.
  • You can try finishing your frame with antiquing glaze, milk paint wash, crackle glaze or metallic spray paint.
  • A small picture frame makes an adorable vanity tray.

I love my tray so much I keep it out on display when not in use!