Your Desk Wants a Makeover

My Three Offices....  Yes, I have three offices.  My home office, my "creative" office (aka my craft & sewing room), and the office where I spend the most time - the one that generates a paycheck.  

Unfortunately, the one where I spend the most time is the least cozy and appealing.  Organized - but that's not enough - right?  I want pretty!

Inspired by a Thrift Shop sweater, I transformed my ho-hum desk to a cozy retreat that I look forward to sitting at all day.

I started with the sweater and this lamp.  The lamp was a great find at the Thrift Shop.  It tested out perfectly (you always want to check the wiring).  It was really a perfectly fine lamp but just a tad boring.  

So I lopped off a sleeve of the sweater,  slipped it over the base of the lamp and was delighted with the results!  I used the cuff at the top, turning it down so it would fit properly and also provide a little extra interest.

I cut the bottom edge so that I had about 1/2" to turn under.  I used a bit of fabric glue to secure it. It still needed a little embellishment, so I added a couple of ribbons and the results were just what I wanted!

Next, I started in on some accessories.  I knew the plastic pencil organizer would have to go! So I found a glass vase, just the right size and shape and using the other sweater sleeve, made a little cozy.  See my post from AprilDress up a glass or vase with a sweater sleeve cozy!  Perfect!  

Next up.... the paper clip dish.  With another Thrift Shop find, some paint pens and a great idea from The Mother Huddle, I glued magnets on the bottom of the little plate, drew a cute design on the plain white dish and my paper clips now have a much cuter home than the unattractive plastic thing.

They won't fall out!
Before... not bad - just not very cozy.
Now my ho-hum and 'oh so ordinary' desk has lovely light and pretty accessories.  All from a cast off sweater and a few thrifty finds!  I couldn't be happier.

After - or maybe I should say "in process".
Next I think I will work on a dish for my sticky notes and maybe a new stylish mousepad.  Any more ideas?  I'd love to hear them.