DIY Halloween Costume

This little cup cake is ready for Halloween!  It's easy to make this cupcake costume for Halloween. It was a fun project that we did together.  NO SEWING either!  We found most of our supplies (like the laundry basket and the perfect ribbed sweater) at the Thrift Shop or around the house.  You might want to make some adjustments based on what you find but the basics would be the same.

• Small Round laundry basket
• Ribbed sweater large enough to stretch over the laundry basket (it will need to be cut up- so none of Momma’s good sweaters please)
• 2-3 yards tulle
• 2 pieces of ribbon or strong string to use as straps over the shoulders to hold the basket up.
• Stapler
• Safety pin
• A piece of elastic large enough to go around the chest

1. Cut the bottom off of the laundry basket
2. Cut the sweater across the chest at the armholes
3.  Stretch the sweater over the basket.  Fold the raw edge over the cut edge of the basket and use a few staples to secure it.
4.  Tie the ribbons on to the basket ‘front’ about 4-6” apart
5.  Adjust the length of the straps so it fits the child.  The straps will go over the shoulders, cross in the back and get tied on to the back of the basket.

Now here is where you can experiment and make changes based on the supplies you want to use.  This is what we did.

As an alternative to the laundry basket and sweater, a pleated lampshade might work well also.

Slip the basket on.  Pull on a color-coordinated shirt, covering up the straps.

We folded the tulle in half, then placed a colorful, “sprinkle like” knit scarf in the center then folded it again (this makes 4 layers) encasing the scarf.  This will make the bottom edge of the “icing”.  Now wrap it together creating a large tube.  I simply stapled the edges together – could be sewn but heck…. It’s a costume!

Now we pulled the tulle piece up over the basket.  Bunched it up. Stretched a piece of elastic around the chest over the tulle and secured it with a safety pin.

Fold the top edge of the tulle OVER the top of the elastic and arrange it so it looks nice and CUPCAKEY!

At first we thought we would make a cherry for her head but we had another colorful scarf and she liked that just as well…..

If you want to try a cherry, here is how I was going to do it.

• Stretch red fabric over a large styrofoam ball.  Old red tights would be perfect. 
• Bunch up the bottom and secure it on to a headband.  (Might want to sew just a few stitches here but try a stapler, hot glue, etc.)  Just experiment!
• Fold the pipe cleaner so it looks like a stem and stick it through the fabric and into the Styrofoam!

Stand back and admire this ADORABLE CUPCAKE!


Make Bunting with Maps and Ribbon

Isn’t it great when crafts for kids are also fun (and useful) for adults!  My favorite five year old crafter has been building an “angry bird house” with moving boxes, packing tape, decorative paper, paint, feathers, glitter and any other sort of found objects he can get his hands on.  We decided that his angry bird house needs some bunting.

I’ve been wanting to use the maps from my outdated road atlas and making bunting with it seemed perfect. 

The supplies:
1.  Old map book
2.  Curling ribbon (other ribbon or string will do too)
3.  Scissors (decorative edge scissors are a fun alternative to straight edge)
4.  Stapler

Cut the pages of the map into strips about 4-5” wide.
Fold in half – lengthwise
Fold the long cut edge (both thicknesses) about ½”
Cut into triangles

When you have a bunch cut out, start putting it together.  Cut a length of ribbon.  Use the ½” fold to go over the ribbon.  Staple it all together. 

This is a great craft for kids.  Lots of repetitions, practice with scissors and stapling.   These are all good ways to build strength in a child’s hands for handwriting.   If it isn’t all lined up perfectly – it still looks really cute.  Older and more sophisticated kids will enjoy it as well and can take pride in doing it a bit more perfectly.

Some alternatives….
Using magazines would be fun and colorful too.
Use double sided Christmas wrapping paper and make a bunting style garland for the tree.