Make Sentimental Pillows from Grandfather’s Clothes

Cleaning out the closet after Grandfather died, my sister and I felt like we had found a “Thrift Shop Bonanza”, only better.  It was better because of the sentiment we felt about so many of the pieces. 

I set about making a bunch of pillows for all the cousins out of some of the sport coats that still had usable fabric but were too worn to pass along.  I used his ties for the cording and embroidered his name and dates on the back.  For a more casual looking pillow I appliquéd a logo cut from a favorite sweater.  Everyone was thrilled. 

My sister’s FIL came from a dairy farm background and was more of a flannel shirt kind of man.  So she used the button plackets from his flannel shirts to decorate pillows and also used some of the old farm logos to give it even more meaning and personality.  She also decorated tee shirts, aprons and pillows for all the family using the farm theme and the flannel shirts.  

What a great sentimental gesture and a great way to remember the Grandfathers.

CLICK HERE for a tutorial on how to embroider without marking on your fabric.