Make a New Lampshade

This lampshade was way past its prime.  It really didn’t look too bad on the exterior but the interior was looking more and more like a fire hazard every day.  It isn’t a standard size so I knew it would be hard to find a replacement at a reasonable price.  This was a great solution and a fun and simple project.

I found some wool felt, beads and ribbon and got started:
• I stripped the existing shade down to the wire frame. 
• Cut the wool felt to fit the wire frame.  I cut generously so it would drape a bit.
• Sewed the bead and ribbon on the bottom edge.
• Stitched a seam up the back.
• Next I got out my trusty grommet plyers and made grommets about 3” apart.
• Laced the ribbon through the grommets and around the top of the wire frame.

Tie a pretty bow and… it’s lovely!

I haven't used my grommet plyers in so long, I had forgotten how much fun they are.  Now I want to make another lampshade with vintage linen that has a beautiful border.