Upcycle! Make Pillows from Thrift Shop Clothes

I can’t stay out of the Thrift Shops and I can’t stop making upcycled pillows!  Thrifting for upcycling is so much fun because I can look at ALL the sizes with “new eyes” in my quest for fabrics and patterns to transform.

Upcycled to a Pillow
I knew I had hit a home run when I found this sweater with giant polka dots!  It was destined to be a pillow.  

The blouse had a hem that I liked but wasn’t sure what I would use it for until I started putting things together.

Used the lacy hem for the
ends of the bolster pillow

The polka dot pillow was simple.  I used the entire width of the sweater, so I only had to machine stitch the top edge, then turn it, stuff it and close up the finished bottom edge.  Fast, easy, inexpensive and a great accent with the black and white theme.

The bolster pillow turned out great too.  I can’t even begin to explain how I did it….  I just kept fooling around until I was happy.  The black background was from my friend's discarded sweater with moth holes and the lacy end sections are the hem of the white blouse.  I really like the results!

Check out the other pillows I upcycled. 
Transformed a moth eaten sweater, the cut off bits of hemmed
sweatpants and added some interesting buttons.
Talk about 'trash to treasure'!

This one used to be a dress.

Similar to a Pottery Barn pillow for a lot less money.
Remembering Grandfather!
I used his worn sport coats and ties to make
sentimental pillows for all the cousins.