Upcycle! Make a Flower Vase Cozy from a Sweater Sleeve

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with snapping up Thrift Shop sweaters and turning them into pillows and lampshades.  I now have a nice collection of sweater sleeves and I’ve been thinking about how to use them.  Then it hit me….  Make cozies for flower vases!  I have a bunch of glass vases from flower shops that aren’t really that pretty but seem too nice to get rid of.  Dress them up with a knit cozy.   Perfect!

This is a very easy DIY project but you will need to play with it a bit depending on the shape of your vase and the thickness of the sweater.  I actually used several methods on these vases.  The shapely red one was actually the easiest.  I used the turned cuff at the bottom, slipping the arm part over the curves then I tucked the excess into the vase.  This is perfect for artificial flowers but won’t work as well with fresh flowers that need water. 

I fiddled around with various ways to stitch the raw edges and finally found that it really works better, and is much easier to simply tuck the raw edge under.  If there is a line or bump, cover it up with a pretty bow. 

The part that makes this project so much fun is that the knit is so forgiving.  You can stretch it around a variety of shapes and sizes, in a variety of ways.

Give it a try.  I had lots of fun and I love the results!