Embroider a Name or Word Without Marking the Fabric

By using organdy, you can achieve just the look and size you want without actually marking on the primary fabric.

Here is the best way to do it! 

  • A piece of organdy fabric (slightly larger than you want your finished embroidery)
  • Plain paper (at least the same size as organdy)
  • Pencil - a soft lead works best but isn’t critical
  • Basting or plain thread
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Sharp embroidery needle
  • Embroidery floss
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Tweezers

1. Using plain paper and pencil write the text you want to embroider. Handwriting gives it an even more personal touch but use what ever pleases you.
2. When you are satisfied with the look and size, place the organdy over the paper and trace your words on to the organdy with the pencil.
3.  Position and baste the organdy on to the primary fabric.
4.  Install the embroidery hoop.
5.  Using a small backstitch, embroider over the pencil lines through both fabrics. (For most lightweight fabrics use 2-3 strands of 6 strand floss.) Learn the Backstitch from Martha Stewart
6.  When you complete the embroidery, remove the hoop and pull out the basting stitches.
7.  Using small, sharp scissors, trim away the organdy.  Leave enough margin so that you don’t risk clipping your embroidery stitches.
8.  Use tweezers to pull out each lengthwise strand of organdy.  Some strands might require a LITTLE tug.
9.  When all the lengthwise strands are removed, you will be able to easily pull out ‘clumps’ of the shorter vertical strands of organdy.

Pulling out the organdy is not nearly as tedious as it sounds.  I actually find it rather fun and satisfying.  The results are so nice and very personal.  You can use this technique for any small line drawing as well.

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