Christmas Ideas

I couldn't spoil the surprise for my family so I'm posting these ideas after Christmas.  Tuck them away for next year...

Christmas pajamas are a tradition with all the cousins.  This year I got plain red t-Shirts at the craft store and decorated them with white fuzzy trim then folded black knit fabric for a belt.  Simply made the buckle by folding gold ribbon into a rectangle.  Added a touch of lace for our one little lady, and Voila!  Instant Santa!  I was going to make Santa hats out of felt but found these at Walmart for less than I could make them.  Perfect!

For the table...  I made Christmas Crackers.  (Well I must confess that the "cracking" part we had to do "manually" with that popping sound kids love to make with their mouths.)  I did find a resource for cracker snaps but didn't have time to order them.  The kids were really just as happy to make their own noises.

I collected TP tubes, stuffed them with tiny trinkets from the party store... erasers, necklaces, tiny booklets, etc.  I also made tissue paper crowns to include.  The most fun however was making the covering.  I used the computer to make red and green designs and dots and each person's name.  It was fun and easy but you could also use colored pencils and get very creative or just take the easier route and use wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. I used a standard 8.5x11 paper, trimmed it down a bit to fit the tube and taped it together candy roll style, tying the ends with curling ribbons. Not as fancy as the ones that crack but really.... just as much fun!

One of the biggest hits was personalized candies.  I got miniature chocolate bars, measured the wrapper and made assorted designs using the computer, cut them to size and just wrapped them around the candy and secured with double stick tape.  I presented them in these little "popcorn bags", also from the party store.  Cute, Fun and Easy.  And best of all... a big hit with the kids!

We love guessing games so I found these little cone shaped bags and filled them with candies, nuts and coins.  Made a chart with each person's name and a grid to fill in their guess.  Didn't just do "how many".... but added to the fun with "how many grams of protein in the almonds", "how many RED candies", "how much money".  They had fun guessing all Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day - a great game for all ages.